Sandy Hills Farm
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Photo Gallery: Sandy Hills Farm Play Day

July 25th 2015 – Photos by

We have summer play dates at the gorgeous Sandy Hills Farm in Aiken, SC. These are a great opportunity to introduce your horse to wading, swimming, and jumping into water  and to practice in a group setting with an instructor on hand! Join us for our next play day.

Video Gallery: Kendra & Borrego Parelli Level 4 Auditions

Video Gallery: Young Horses – ground manners, prep for riding, and starting under saddle

Dressage and Jumping

Danny’s First Dressage Show (Intro Test A)     Borrego Schooling Cross-Country     Borrego Small Stadium Course

Carriage Driving

Flash Gordon (mini horse learning to drive)   Borrego Driving Lesson     Bali (pony learning to drive)