2015 Beach Retreats

We had an absolutely fabulous time on the beach in North Florida! Beautiful weather, well-prepared horses and riders, fun fun FUN! If you are interested in joining our next Beach Retreat (Spring 2018), send me an email at KendraDeKay@gmail.com.




Dear Kendra,   I want to thank you for the wonderful experience of riding on the Beach.   The area of Amelia Island was wonderful and was truly a bucket list trip that will always be cherish.  It was a amazing feeling of being in a beach environment on horseback. What made it extra special was to me on MY horse for the ride.  You did a wonderful job of navigating the horse hotel, beach home and evenings out.  I will remember those days and my gallop on the beach when I’m old and rocking– as some of the sweetest moments it life—–   One of the moments life took my breath away—   Thank you , for making it all possible.
Corby G.

Be assured that any trip you take with Kendra, will be well researched far in advance of the trip. She will take meticulous care in ensuring all necessary preparations are made to provide the most enjoyable vacation. Kendra is an extremely knowledgeable and caring individual and I felt no matter what happened expectantly she could handle it.

Joyce E.

We had a wonderful time. LOVED Amelia Island! The trip was well planned and relaxing. Kendra’s coaching was very helpful. I don’t think I would have had the nerve to introduce our horses to the ocean, parasailors, tents, and all of the other scary things on my own. Count us in for the trip to blowing rock.

Diane & Steve T.

It was a wonderful trip.  Words do not express how much fun we had.  Your effort, in the up front prep work plus the organizing, made this trip fun and stress free.   I would love to go back with you and the group.  This was my first big trip with Sunny and you made our dreams come true.   A ride on the beach with the ones you love, beautiful horses, and nature at it’s best is really amazing.  Thank you for this wonderful experience and trip.   Hope to do this again.

Judith & Harold M.

I attended the first beach retreat put on by Kendra and enjoyed every minute.
It was a wonderful experience to have Kendra teach us how to acclimate our horses to a new, intimidating experience and to watch as each horse became  comfortable with the waves, the sounds and the vastness of the ocean ,and in turn, gaining confidence and trust in their person. For me,it was a relationship changing event for me and my horse and I will be forever happy that we participated.
The town of Fernandina Beach is charming,our beach house was great and RIGHT on the ocean. Our group of riders were all terrific people. We have continued to ride together and are becoming good friends.
Kendra organized every detail. It was perfect.
It is my hope to take part in other Adventure Retreats in the future.
I highly recommend giving the beach retreat a go. You will love it!!

Pat G.

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