Proud Teacher!

Judith and Harold have been my students for over 5 years now! I started two of their homebred Tennessee Walking Horses, Sunny and Bella when I worked at Aiken Horsemanship Academy. Those babies have kept us entertained and on our toes through many adventures, successes, and challenges! Harold’s mare PJ is older but has also been a big catalyst for Harold’s growth as a horseman. I remember Judith calling me up one time and saying “LISTEN!” I said I couldn’t hear anything. “That’s the sound of both of our horses standing quietly loaded in the trailer!” she replied with pride. We still laugh about that phone call. All three horses load and travel well now, but it took many hours of patience and consistency to get it that way!

I wanted to share these photos from their lesson this weekend because I am so proud of both of them, and how much they have invested in their horsemanship journeys with their horses. Judith and Sunny had a great liberty session, which we filmed for her audition for the upcoming Liberty clinic, and both horses and riders showed marked improvement in balance and focus following their first gaiting lesson the weekend before with Stella Mansberg-Wise of Windsor.

Sometimes during a long journey it’s important to stop, look back and appreciate how far you’ve come! So glad to be traveling with these wonderful friends.