Canter Masterclass 3 Day Clinic

Next one Spring 2019, dates TBA. Please send me an email if you’re interested.

Do you feel confident, relaxed, and joyful in the canter?

If you have problems with leads, speed, breaking gait, transitions, bucking, balance, or your horse is just green…

… this unique Masterclass is for you!

Groundwork, group and one-on-one customized instruction… everything YOU need for more skills and confidence for cantering!





The Canter Masterclass is a unique clinic held over 3 days. The first day is group work held over 6 hours (including a lunch break). The second and third day you will have a one-hour private session to work individually on the canter. You can stay and watch other lessons or just come for yours on day two and three. So your total instruction time is 7 hours (5 hours of group instruction on day one, 1 hour of private instruction on day two, and 1 hour of private instruction on day three). You will be assigned a time slot for days two & three… I will try to accommodate preferences for “earlier” or “later” private sessions on a first-come, first served basis.


As the name suggests, this clinic is totally focused on CANTERING! Day one is all group work, both ground work and riding, plus two short demos. We will discuss leads, balance, transitions, speed, how to warm up and prepare for cantering, and how to address weaknesses. Days two and three are yours to customize… You may use your slot for ground work, ridden work, or a combination. I can even ride your horse for you and work on cantering or the steps leading up to cantering successfully. Whatever you need to leave the clinic with more skills and more confidence for cantering!

COST: $365, deposit of $100 reserves your spot.

LOCATION: TBD in the greater Aiken area

DATES: Spring 2019. Dates TBD

3 Easy Steps to Sign up:

  1. RESERVE YOUR SPOT by filling out the online form & paying $100 NONREFUNDABLE (unless I can fill your spot) deposit using the form & link below. If you prefer, you can mail a check to Kendra DeKay 311 Locke Lane SE Aiken, SC 29801 or pay using Zelle (to



    Canter Masterclass 3 Day Clinic Deposit

    $100 NONREFUNDABLE (transferable if I can fill your spot) deposit. Total cost of clinic is $365. Balance due one month before clinic.


  2. REVIEW & COMPLETE the paperwork in the participants’ packet that will be sent to you by email once your deposit is received. This will include a release form, directions to each day’s locations, what to bring … everything you’ll need to know to have a GREAT clinic experience!
  3. SUBMIT YOUR BALANCE DUE on the due date sent to you in your participants’ packet.

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