My Vision

Kendra TeachingINTEGRITY – I am dedicated to good communication, respect, and professionalism between myself and my clients.. Amazing and inspiring growth comes from a “trust trifecta” between horse, owner, and trainer. I listen to my students and put my knowledge and skills at the service of their goals and dreams, big or small!

CONFIDENCE –  You don’t have to be fearless to be successful with horses. My goal is for my students to know how to “read” a horse and have the tools to recognize and prevent or diffuse problems. You won’t learn this stuff in regular riding lessons… and if you have ever felt frustrated or afraid, it will Change. Your. Life.

Kendra & BorregoJOY – I live for the moments when horse and student are feeling the exhilaration of communicating seamlessly, working together in harmony. What does that look like for you? What is your dream ride? Let’s go get it!!

Kendra riding Danny

EXCELLENCE – Life-long learning and personal growth is one of my deepest values. I develop my horsemanship and refine my principles through working with other horse professionals, and I encourage my students to do the same. My “open” program means I never pressure my students not to work with other trainers/instructors or seek out other learning opportunities. Anyone pursuing excellence while “putting your horse first” is on my team!

2018 – 2019 Personal Horsemanship Goals

In 2018, my new partner Faustino (barn name “Ernie”) and I had some FUN cross-training adventures… from leading two Beach Retreats, to becoming Certified members of the new City of Aiken Volunteer Mounted Unit, to going on a Cattle Drive! In 2019 we are adding dressage training, physical conditioning, and more liberty work to our program. I’m excited to develop this partnership and see where we go!

2016 – 2017 Personal Horsemanship Goal Met!

Danny Johns Is Canter
Low Country Dressage Feb 2015. Photo by Anna Lewis.

Over the past 3 years, I have the opportunity to develop a talented and exceptionally good-minded Morgan gelding owned by Judy Portmann. ALU Super Dandy is a carriage driving horse I met a few years ago when Judy hired me to help her with some problems they were having: Danny was nervous standing in the cross-ties in her barn, and he had had a couple of bolting incidents in the carriage that Judy was fortunately able to get under control. As we worked with Danny, it was clear that beneath the surface issues was a really kind horse with a great work ethic and a lot of versatile talents. From these humble beginnings, Danny and I have advanced to showing in Dressage and Competitive Trail while Judy continues to drive him. Thanks to Judy’s support and great coaching from Laura Klecker of Beyond Dressage, in December 2017 I achieved my goal to earn the scores needed to qualify for my USDF Bronze Rider’s Medal. This entails earning qualifying scores at First, Second, and Third level rated Dressage shows.

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