Success at ACTHA

image.jpegThe Paradise Farms American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) Arena Obstacles Competition (AOC) was a ton of fun and a big success AND learning experience for my students and horses who competed. Teri and Paula, on their young mule mares Francine and Lark, Melissa with her young TWHs Mojo and Milo (who I rode), and Judy’s Danny (who I rode) not only took home the many ribbons you can see, but also took big steps towards understanding and surmounting the many challenges of competing in Obstacle events! So proud of everyone!!

Mule Selfie!

imageEven though it’s blurry, this is my favorite picture of me and my pal Francine, owned by Teri Merry. She has been such a teacher to me this year, and has come such a long way in skill set, experience, relaxation, and softness. My highest goal with the mules has been “zero brace” … a concept from my Parelli studies meaning that there is no resistance or defensiveness between human and equine. A worthy ideal to strive towards in a relationship with any creature!