TBT… Syd the Giant Squid

Baby Syd's first water jumpSyndicate (affectionately known as “Syd the Giant Squid”) is a Cleveland Bay-Holsteiner-Hannovarian cross gelding I helped my student Monica purchase back in Washington state in 2004. We flew to Eastern Washington to look at a mare but it was Syd who stole our hearts. Kind and calm at four years old, we used to joke that he was SO quiet that he must have been drugged when we looked at him… and that the tranquilizers were so long-lasting that a year later they hadn’t worn off! Syd got his nickname because he was 17+ hands, and therefore of course a favorite of mine because I love big horses, being 5’11” myself! This photo is from his very first cross-country schooling… cantering through the water after landing from his first water jump! He also loved Monica’s two little girls. He was so gentle with them and he only made one of them cry one time… when he ate her candy necklace whole when she had offered him “just one piece!”

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