TBT – High School Prom with a Twist

It was 1995 and I was a sophomore going to my senior boyfriend’s prom which of course when your are in high school is a very BIG DEAL! That morning, my horse imageZephyr had had a bad reaction to his vaccinations. I was distraught… I wasn’t going to prom…. How could I leave my horse when he was not feeling well? My mom, seeing that while Zephyr was not feeling well, he was not in danger of dying either, gently but firmly insisted that I go to my hair appointment and prepare for the prom, pacifying me by promising that I could still cancel if I wasn’t convinced Zephyr would be ok by the time we had to leave that evening. This photo is of me with my “prom” hair, giving Zephyr bute! All ended well, he recovered nicely, I had a wonderful time at prom, and the only casualty was the turtle neck I’m wearing in the photo! In my fluster, I wore it to my hair appointment, only realizing afterward that the $5 shirt would ruin the $35 hair style when I took it off! Out came the scissors, and the $5 shirt was sacrificed to the goddess of good hair.

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