Borrego cleared for riding!

Borrego and JanetBorrego is 14 weeks into his rehabilitation for a moderate suspensory ligament tear and has been cleared to walk under saddle! Last weekend his old buddy Janet got to ride him for the first time since January. He was good as gold (sometimes it’s hard not to feel frisky when confined to a stall 24/7!). While it will be several more months before he will be healed enough to return to living in a pasture, his hand walking and work under saddle will gradually increase to strengthen his soft tissue. It is important to give him work in a controlled situation until he’s healed enough that the risk of re-injury is minimal. Dr. Carol Gillis of Equine Ultrasound in Aiken is closely monitoring his progress every eight weeks and directing his rehab. His spirits have improved quite a bit since he was allowed a little light riding in addition to his hand walks. I think he feels he has an important “job,” which he loves.

In this picture, I love that they are BOTH smiling!

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